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    DioxiRinse 2-Component Antimicrobial Mouthrinse


    DioxiRinse Mouthrinse represents a new generation of multi-functional oral care products based on the DioxiCare antimicrobial system. This proprietary two-component mouthrinse neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds and kills germs responsible for bad breath immediately upon contact, Providing fresh clean breath that lasts the entire day.  The antimicrobial  system is activated upon mixing the two components; this creates a powerful effervescent antimicrobial with several functions. DioxiRinse quickly penetrates into every nook and cranny, even deep into the bacteria-infested pockets between the teeth and the gums. It penetrate biofilm to clean and disinfect teeth and destroy bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease, but is so gentle that it does not irritate painful or bleeding gums. It has even been shown to be anti-fungal and anti-viral!

    • penetrates biofilm
    • Helps protect enamel
    • neutralizes odors on the back of the tongue
    • alleviates gum disease
    • soothes sore throats
    • reduces gum sensitivity and other mouth irritations
    • complements DioxiBrite™ toothpaste


    Users note a unique feeling of long lasting freshness.