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  • Recent Advances in Gum Therapy Systems

  • It is easy to miss the signs of gum disease, because it starts so harmlessly, sometimes even without the telltale symptoms like bleeding and puffy or painful gums, or persistent bad breath. But even though you may not feel anything, chances are that gum disease has already damaged sensitive gum and connective tissue supporting your teeth. For some, the wake-up call comes with a visit to the dentist, where you hear the shocking news: you have gum disease, perhaps even periodontitis, a more advanced form of periodontal (gum) disease. Your dentist
  • gum disease therapy
  • informs you that If you do nothing, gum disease will eventually cause your gums to recede and your teeth to loosen; in the end you will start loosing your teeth, one by one.

    But there is hope! Recent advances in gum therapy systems have made possible a non-surgical approach to fighting and beating this insidious condition. It starts with identifying and eliminating the root cause, and helping damaged gum tissue to heal. And the solutions are not difficult; they are actually as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Periokit: A Revolutionary Approach to Gum Therapy

    "Periokit is a powerful combination of state-of-the-art dental products that work synergistically to combat the root cause of gum disease and help gums to heal. Periokit can help you to recover from years of oral care problems."
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    Stop Gum Pain and Bleeding

    Gum pain and bleeding are due in part to an inflammatory reaction of the body in hard to reach areas between the teeth and gums, so-called perio pockets. It takes a good medicinal mouthrinse to soothe irritate gums and a special gum conditioner to stabilize and rejuvenate gums.


    Control Oral Bacteria

    Bad bacteria are the root cause of most gum problems. You need a powerful antimicrobial mouthrinse that penetrates into every nook and cranny to immobilize bacteria, even those hiding under a protective biofilm. Add a good brush and floss regimen to break up colonies of bacteria and flush them out.


    Help Gums to Heal

    Gums require specific nutrients and vitamins to recover from years of bacterial attacks and inflammation and become healthy again. Periokit’s unique gum therapy products rely on the synergy between Coenzyme Q10 and gum active nutrients to regenerate damaged gum tissue.


    Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy

    Periokit is a collection of powerful tools to help you fight and win the battle against gum problems. And once you have taken control of your oral care, all you need to do is: rinse and repeat……and you will be back on the road to perfect oral health.

  • The Periokit Products

    • product1

      DioxiRinse™ 2-Component Anti-microbial Oral Rinse represents a new generation of multi-functional oral care products. After mixing the two components, a powerful effer-vescent antimicrobial is generated that penetrates into every nook and cranny, even deep into bacteria-infested perio-pockets…

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    • product2

      PerioExcel® CoQ10 Gum Therapy is clearly our most important develop-ment in the battle against chronic gum conditions. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential part of the cell regener-ation process, and deficiencies of Coenzyme Q10 have been linked to chronic disease conditions of the heart and the gums…

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    • product3

      PerioPOWER Tooth & Gum Gel is a potent combination of natural anti-microbials, key healing promoters and essential vitamins and nutrition for gums. Periopower protects teeth with natural Xylitol, while aloe vera, natural vitamins and essential oils help to protect and nourish gums…

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    • product4

      The SDC Tongue Cleaner is specially designed to remove deposits from the back of the tongue quickly and efficiently. Thoroughly cleaning this critical area on a regular basis will remove smelly bacteria and may significantly reduce the influence of pathogenic bacteria in other areas of the mouth…

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    • product5

      The SDC Ultrasoft Toothbrush was designed by a dentist for postsurgi-cal patients, It has supersoft bristles with rounded tips for gentle yet complete cleaning with unsurpassed comfort. Instead of scrubbing, the SDC Ultrasoft toothbrush gently wipes across sensitive teeth and gums to remove deposits…..

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  • What Users are Saying

    • Alice R.

      “..I would like to say I am thrilled with the results of using the PerioEXCEL IQ treatment for the past 6 weeks. I’ve had bleeding gums and all that goes with it for years and was terrified to even get the floss out of the cabinet for fear of bleeding! I finished the last tube this week and just can’t get over the difference when I brush and floss. Thank you!....”

      Pam G.

      “I want to thank the Dental Health Institute and PerioEXCEL??for helping to save my teeth. At my last dental appointment, my hygienist and the dentist were outwardly alarmed at how loose my teeth had become over the past six months. …..Within a week I was using PerioEXCEL gel every night after flossing, cleaning my tongue and rinsing with mouthwash…At the next appointment, my hygienist told me that my teeth were less mobile than three months before. …Thanks to PerioEXCEL I may be able to avoid further expensive and painful surgery!

    • P.S.

      "I must say you are a genius ! i have head chronic gum disease for years and had lost seven teeth due this severe problem I tried everything from gum treatments to dental cleaning every 3 to 4 months and nothing has helped me.Then I tried your Gum conditioner with CoEnzyme Q10 gel that I had heared so much about.After using the treatment my gums became much stronger and tighter and also I have a much whiter smile! It also tastes great!I will aways continue to use hte wonderfull gum conditioner that has greatly improved and helped my gum disease.Thank you so much for this great product-it’s my miracle!"

      Jolanta V.


      “My wife and I are very pleased with the amazing results of this product. We suffered for many years from chronic gum problems and tried several products without much success. This really works and is for us the best on the market today …”

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    • Oral Care Guide: Your Battle Plan

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